Message from the President

DearShareholders of Siam Steel International Public Company Limited,
                The economic situation in Thailand over the past year (2018) improved in line with the economic recovery of large countries like the United States of America, European Union and Japan, which resulted in continuous export expansion. On the contrary, the purchasing power in Thailand has not improved when compared with the other countries'. The investment deceleration coupled with the intense competition of the business resultion in the company's operation results.  Even better, but still did not meet the target.
            Above all, the Company’s Board of Directors and Executives have strong intentions and commitment in growing the organization with sustainable development principles in the operation of the business which would emphasize good morals, ethics and responsibilities toward all interested persons, society and the environment, managing risks with close observation in all aspects to prevent any negative impact, efficiently managing all variable matters or situations both in and outside the organization as well as developing a dissemination plan expanding towards the marketing activities and policies in efficient cost management at all stages. The Company is confident that these aforesaid measurements would more or less create a positive impact in the coming year operation
            In the year 2019, the thai economy began to be challenged by the risk of volatility in the global economic and financial system.  However, it is still expected that the thai economy can expand well. Which is expected to increase investment in both government and private sectors. Other than construction of the communication infrastructure of government sector projects, there will also be an increase of foreign investments in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) and e-commerce business and the Company is assured an impact on an extensive demand of the Company’s products, such as, furniture, bathroom pods and civil engineering projects.
            On behalf of the Company’s Board of Directors, executives and staff members, I would like to thank all of the shareholders including customers, trading partners, patrons, people, both governmental and private agencies for your trust and good support as always. I would like to confirm that the Company will commit to maintain business ethics, good governance and corporate governance in order to be a company of sustainable growth and of value towards the society and country. 

(Mr. Wanchai Kunanantakul)
The Chairman