Vision & Missions


To be the organization gaining acceptance in manufacturing and development of furniture, prefabricated buildings, and related products that can speedily meet the market’s demand, and has constant and sustainable growth.

Long-Term Strategic Goals

  • Stable financial statement with constant and sustainable growth.
  • Efficient management structure.
  • Qualified persons.
  • Meeting the expectation of stakeholders.


  • To increase the competence in sales and marketing whereas the market’s demand must be specified and met.
  • To make the customers satisfied with the goods and services whereas the quality, punctuality, and reasonable prices shall be emphasized.
  • To expand the commercial alliance to cover both within and outside the country whereas the opportunities in business growth will be jointly created.
  • To manage and administer the capital and expenses efficiently.
  • To increase the return on fixed assets and current assets.
  • To enhance the organization management mechanism to increase the efficiency in working
  • To increase the capability of the employees.
  • To meet the expectation of the employees and shareholders.
  • To comply with the laws and related regulations on business conduct.