Business Activities

The Company is the manufacturer and seller of "LUCKY" "KINGDOM" "FLOWORK" "OKAMURA" "CHITOSE" and "PILOT" steel furniture and built-in wooden furniture including "LUCKY" Hi-tech Building System: the prefabricated building system for multi-purpose as well as interior decorative works for all buildings which include office, hotel, educational institute, financial institute, hospital,airport, etc.

The business lines of subsidiary companies which comprise Siam Okamura International Co., Ltd., Sri Chareon International Co., Ltd. are the seller of "LUCKY" "KINGDOM" "FLOWORK" "OKAMURA" "CHITOSE" and "PILOT" furniture and also providing the related services and Siam Steel OC Co., Ltd. engage in business relating to the distribution of pre-fabricated buildings, partitions, industrial parts and related products, which supports the Company’s business operation.

Siam International Energy Ltd. engages in the business of generating and distributing electricity and power plants of all kinds including investment in the business of renewable energy in various forms.

Indirect Subsidiariy Companies are Bangphra Green Energy Ltd., Siam Biomass Product Ltd., Siam International Biomass Ltd., Siam Forest Management Ltd. and Siam Biomass Product South-Phrasaeng Ltd. (which is a subsidiary company of Siam Biomass Product Ltd. engaging in the business supporting the renewable energy business of the company).

As for the business line of the associated companies; Siam Okamura Steel Co., Ltd., and Siam Steel Service Center Plc., they have involved in the business related to steel and other products that support the business activities of the Company.

Each company will be managed by its own management team in accordance with the policy set by the Board of Directors of such company. The essence of the structure of investments can be summarized as follows: