1. What is the Policy of Dividend Payment ?

The Company has the policy of paying dividends to shareholders at the rate of not lower than 40 percent of net profit of separate financial statements after tax and legal reserves, and such dividend payment does not significantly affect the Company’ usual operation. In considering payment of dividend, operation results, financial status, work-expansion plan, etc. shall be taken into account. Moreover, such dividend payment must obtain an approval from the shareholders’ meeting.

What countries that the Company’s revenue getting from the export ?

Europe, North America, Middle East, Australia and Asia.

How does the fluctuation of foreign exchange rate has been affected the Company’s export ?

Fluctuation of foreign exchange rate might affect the Company’s business operation whereby the company, manages such risk by setting up the risk by making foreign exchange forward contracts with the bank and has closely monitored situations concerning foreign exchange rate.

What is revenue of domestic and export sales ?

Consolidated 2011/2012 2012/2013
- Domestic 2,518 Million Baht 56% 2,340 Million Baht 66%
- Export 1,961 Million Baht 44% 1,218 Million Baht 34%
Total 4,479 Million Baht 100% 3,558 Million Baht 100%