Prefabricated Building System

It's Advantages

  • Capable to manufacture according to ISO and other international standards such as BS, DIN, ASTM including Japanese industrial standard
  • Strength and safe because made of special designed steel structure
  • Available in complete unit and knock-down system including flat-packed system
  • Building can be completed in factory for more than 90%
  • Capable to design for withstanding temperature -30°C to +50°C (-24°F to +140°F)
  • Capable to design for strong wind resistance up to Hurricane
  • Earthquake resistance because made of special designed steel structure
  • Fire resistance up to 180 minutes
  • Capable to design for heavy snow bearing in accordance with each local condition
  • Energy saving because made of special insulated material
  • Transportation cost and erection cost saving
  • Capable to be loaded and transported to site by truck, ship and helicopter
  • Can be easily erected and dismantled to move to another site
  • Capable to design for erection without crane or special tools
  • Built-in electrical system, gas, water pipe, drain-pipe including bioseptic pipe are also available
  • LUCKY Hi-tech Building System is easy to modify, install, add on and move. In addition, it can be expanded with unlimited length and width and can also be added on up to four stories according to the standard with only one day installation. For more than four stories height, it can be special designed.