Prefabricated Building System

Wide Variety of Uses

LUCKY Hi-tech Building System is designed to meet a wide variety of uses as under:-

Type 1: Permanent Buildings

for long term usage which can be built in 2 systems :-

1.1 Complete Unit System: same size as ISO marine container and will be transported according to ISO marine container system.

1.2 Knock-Down System: different size from ISO marine container, therefore, they are manufactured in knock-down including flat-packed system for transportation cost saving.

Example of usages:

  • Mansion
  • Business Hotel
  • Convenience Store
  • Showroom
  • Mobile Office

Type 2: Temporary Buildings

For convenient relocation to various places, therefore, they are manufactured in knock-down including flat-packed system.

Example of usages:

  • Mobile Office
  • Mobile Clinic
  • Mobile Toilet
  • Convenience Store
  • Mini Shop
  • Showroom

Type 3: Special Buildings

Are specifically designed for each usage. They are available both in permanent building and temporary building,

3.1 Fast Food Shop: special Mobile Kitchen and Mobile Cold Storage Room are designed for easy relocation and installation, thus, the shops can be opened in the short period.

3.2 Telecom Shelter: special shelters are designed for installation of all telecommunication system which need to control all circumstances of shelter including temperature, water-proof and damp-proof. Our customer includes Nokia, Siemens, Ericsson, Motorola and Huawei, etc.

3.3 Warehouse Unit : the units are designed to serve general storage and specific storage for both indoor and outdoor usage such as motorcycle storage unit, multi-use storage unit for rent, etc.

3.4 Soundproof Room: excellent soundproof for multi-purpose usages including musical instrument practice room, recording / edit room, sound lab, office in the industrial plant, etc.